Your love overflows

Consistently washing o’er

This small heart of mine.


Living Now

What is living now?

To live without Your presence

or to live with You?

Living now is hard

With so much pain and hardships

Brokenness within.

Yet You don’t give up.

Changing us to see the ups

Of living this life.

Small or large You show

Your love through different ways, Lord

How deep is You love!

You shape us like clay

Into sculptures of Your work

Full of artistry

So, what’s the dream of

The hope in, the doubts for, kid?

To live for the Lord.


Light a fire, Lord

In this damp, kindleless heart

Let my heart burn, Lord.

Brighter than the stars

Hotter than the sun’s own heat

Warm, full of Your love.

Break my heart, O Lord

Like how Your own breaks each time

You children cry out.

Let my heart swell up

Till it overflows with love

Never ending stream.


Falling on my face,

I don’t want to look at You

Guiltiness fills me

Yet, You lift my face

For me to look at Your eyes

Which are filled with love.

I don’t deserve these:

Your love, Your forgiveness,

and Your only Son.

You love me, O Lord

Despite me running away

From Your outstretched arms.

I don’t deserve You

Yet You love me as me, Lord,

Just the way I am.

I cry out to You

To let me cast everything

Unto You, O Lord.

Let me love like You.

Let me forgive like You, Lord.

Let me live for You.