Bittersweet to leave

But I know He has great plans

And I will trust Him

Though I’m scared to walk

Through the uncharted waters,

He paved already.

A path that’s unique

To each of His own children

For He’s our Father.

So let me walk through

And place all my trust in Him

I will follow You.


My Rock

Can’t comprehend now

That I’ll be leaving this place

After this short time.

Bittersweet and sad,

But I know God’s still working

For His kingdom’s cause.

So, let me walk straight

On this path that You have made,

Parting the waters.

I will trust in You

As I go through the unknowns

For You are my Rock.


Take my pride, O Lord,

That’s quickly consuming me.

Humble me again.

Let me come to you,

Offering my broken self,

Falling at Your feet.

Soften my hard heart.

Break my chains of stubborness.

Humiliate me.

Forgive me Lord

Of my lustfulness and pride.

I want You, O God.

Take this broken self

This broken and contrite heart

And use to Your will.

I praise and thank You

This God who is unchanging

And loves me for me.

I don’t deserve You

’cause You still want my brokenness

Thank You, God, thank You.


I’ve tasted the world

And yet it can’t quench my thirst

Of wanting more.

Money and power

Made me thirst for even more

To quench this dryness.

Doing everything

That I can possibly think

But why do I thirst?

Then I hear of this

This thing called living water.

Can it quench my thirst?

The price, I’m baffled.

It has already been paid

With Jesus’s blood.

But why? I questioned.

Why would He pay for my thirst

With His own body?

Do I need to pay.

With everything that I have?

But no, He told me.

I’ve paid already.

All you need to do is to

Repent and believe.

*based on One Thing by Hillsong