Thank You

Fighting back the tears,
That threaten to show feelings
Of bittersweetness.

I don’t have the strength
To say goodbye to your face,
But rather, “Thank you”!



Scared what lies ahead
Through these doors called decisions.
I can’t ever go back.

Though fear chains to me,
I walk forward, step by step,
Knowing that God’s here.

See You Again

My heart aches for you.
Leaving this world so quickly,
Without a goodbye.

I never met you,
But I heard many stories
About your presence.

Your smiles, your laughs,
Are small pieces of your light,
When you are with them.

Your friends, your family,
Miss you so, so much, Tina*.
Crying even now.

Yet, your memories,
Created from all these years,
Are everlasting.

They may be grieving,
But they will treasure their time
That they spent with you.

So, go rest in peace,
Sending a sign that you’re well,
To those you who love.

Your great influence
To those who got to know you,
Will always be there.

Thank you for living.
Thank you for being alive.
Thanks for everything.

They’ll miss you, Tina,
But will keep moving on till,
They see you again.