Sitting in silence,

I gaze at Your masterpiece

Titled “This is Life”.


*Not a strong speaker

Terrified to be honest

Yet here I am now.

Let my words be Yours

As they come out of my mouth

To reach the unheard. 

Thank You for today

The peacefulness and quiet

Of Your presence. 
*Written before my first time leading large group 

*Finally finished

With the whirlwind of events

But I’m still going.

Mind is processing

Of all the things that happened 

Being aware now. 
* Haiku came while I wrote my last journal entry for the summer camp that I served as a counselor. Was processing everything that happened during those past weeks. 

Living Now

What is living now?

To live without Your presence

or to live with You?

Living now is hard

With so much pain and hardships

Brokenness within.

Yet You don’t give up.

Changing us to see the ups

Of living this life.

Small or large You show

Your love through different ways, Lord

How deep is You love!

You shape us like clay

Into sculptures of Your work

Full of artistry

So, what’s the dream of

The hope in, the doubts for, kid?

To live for the Lord.