Fire burns in my small heart.

Let it shine in the dark.

A star in the night sky.


Memories flood in,

Bringing waves of past feelings,

Swaying my heart’s boat.

My Purpose

Confusion cloaks me

As I continue my life,

Going through the motions.


Don’t want the motions.

Want to remember the goal

Of running the race.


Help me fight, O God,

Fight to the end of this race.

This race called “My Life”.


Help me remember

Why I am here in this world

To serve Your purpose.


Thank you, O God, for

Giving breath to this body,

Breathing life in me.


And I praise You

From every part of myself.

Take it all, O Lord.



My life is a mist,

Coming and ending quickly,

Leaving me no time.


Yet, I am selfish

Wanting to do things for me,

Forgetting God’s will.


Lead me back, O God,

To the straight path You have set

For this crooked one.


Help me finish, Lord,

This great work that You gave me

To the very end.


Although fear chases

After this cowardly girl,

You chase it away.


So, I pray, O Lord

That I will remember You

In every action.


And if I’m astray,

Lead me back to You, Father

Back to the straight path.


I am a sinner

Whose flesh loses constant ways

That the world baited.


Help me fight, O God,

In this spiritual warfare

Of this world and You.


My life moves onward

Days pass, weeks pass, time moves on

Never taking breaks.


I take a step back

To breathe for just a moment

Before diving in.


Life does move too fast

And we forget to just

Rest, enjoying it.

Open Me, Lord

Open my blind eyes

So that I may see through Yours

Of this corruption.


Open my deaf ears

So that I may hear through Yours

Of the world’s anguish.


Open my dead heart

So that I may feel through Yours

Of love that heals all.


Open me up, Lord

So that I may be used by

The One who knows all.