Going to face my

Scars, past, and where it began.

My testimony.
I am very scared.

After so many years, I

Will face my darkness. 
And I will trust Him

‘Cause without those tears and tears,

I wouldn’t know Him.
He does have a plan.

We may not see its end now,

But eventually. 
Like how He shaped me,

He will also shape yourself.

He is an artist. 
So rely on Him.

Trust Him through good times and bad.

He will lift you up. 



Snow covers me ’round.

A sheet around my body.

This is the first snow.


Christmas approaches,

Bringing bittersweetness and

Joy as the year ends.


Let us not forget

The real reason of Christmas,

The birth of Jesus.


Who came down to Earth,

To save us from all our sins

By His sacrifice.