Comforted by You, 

I’m no longer afraid of

What lies ahead, Lord. 



Not sure what’s in store.

My decisions will affect me.

Let me trust You, Lord.

Reason for Hope

Stars sprinkle the dark, moonless night

Shining for those without the light.

A reminder for those who need

Hope from the heart’s own seed.

No one knows what lies ahead

Our futures cannot be read.

There will be pain and tears

There will be burdens and fears.

But remember this, O little one

That these don’t mean life’s done.

’cause you’ll find happiness and joy

Not just from your favorite toy.

There will be memories you’ll cherish

And nothing can make them perish.

Because this is your own life

Not one formed under a knife.

You will fall stumble and hard,

Get cut by a glass shard.

Yet do not be disheartened, child

For these things will become mild.

Trials that will make you stronger

Increasing your strength, wider and longer.

Trust that everything has a purpose

Don’t ever think that you’re worthless.

Everything happens for a certain reason

In every high and low season.